Insider Secrets To Booking Cheap Airfare

Air travel is the most expensive ways to travel. There are good possibilities that the fare would not fit your budget. If you are spending too much on travel, you might have to compromise on other things during your vacations. If you are not able to find cheap flights, then there is no other choice but to pour in a lot of money on your travel. Understand the fact that if you are ready to pay, every airline out there will make the most of it. One of the interesting facts about air travel is that each passenger would have paid a different amount in the same flight. In this article, we will discuss insider secrets about booking cheap airfare.

Book seven weeks in advance

It is said that passengers who book seven weeks in advance pay almost ten percent less than the average fare. So if you are able to book your tickets exactly fifty days before you can enjoy a lot of benefits in terms of travel expenditure. This data has been obtained after going through the details from the best travel agencies in the country. Many experts state the seven-week strategy is one of the proven ways to book cheap airfare.

The best time to buy tickets

If you are not able to find any discounts, then do not book the tickets just like that. A study from has stated that the best time to buy the tickets is on Tuesday at 3:00 PM.  It is because it is the dull time of the day and hence there will be a lot of offers which we can capitalize on. At the same time, there are a lot of travel experts who say that it is just coincidence and it cannot work all the time.

Cheap day to fly

The cheap days to take a flight are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. If you are ever planning a trip try to make it within these days. It is because most of the people who take weekend trips will leave on Friday night and again come back on Sunday nights or Monday mornings. So Fridays and Sundays are the days when the fare will be very cheap.

Be an early bird


The flights that leave during the early morning are generally cheaper than the ones that leave after that. The reason is that most people do not prefer to take early morning flights. There are many reasons for that which includes the fear of missing the flight, not willing to travel with an empty stomach and so on.

Separately check for low-cost airlines

Since most air ticket booking happens, online people tend to believe in some sites blindly. The truth is that they show cheap airlines, but at times they do not show the cheapest airline. It is bad to expect to the sites to do every job. Hence it better that you check the airfare of every airline individually.

Sign up for free alerts

The majority of the ticket booking sites has the airfare alerting system. These systems either ping you or sends you a mail regarding the airfares. You can specify certain routes and subscribe for alerts. So you can book the tickets when you are comfortable with the airfare.

Build a relationship

If you are a constant flyer, it is better to use the credit cards with which you can avail a lot of discounts. By booking using certain credit cards, there will be a massive difference in your airfares. You can also enjoy other perks like free checked baggage, boarding priority, seat selection and a lot more.