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How Covid Has Changed Travel Forever

The entire world came to a standstill with the novel coronavirus spreading in leaps and bounds last year. International travel was restricted and we had to wait for things to get better. The discovery of the anecdote has brought respite among people who are again looking for avenues to pack their travel bags and cater to their wanderlust. The new normal might not sit well with tourism operators but they have to adapt to it sooner or later.

  • The world is slowly returning to its normal pace coupled with the advent of covid vaccine. But we have to wait a bit more till flights start operating at their full capacity. People are still nurturing an inherent fear of catching the virus which is making them avoid crowded places like airports. Airplane carriers have also changed their seating arrangements for catering to the physical distancing requirements. As a result, passengers don’t have to sit next to each other. However, this has added to the airplane fares barring a certain segment of the population from traveling frequently.
  • While the whole world suffered a heavy blow from the pandemic, certain nations had to face greater adversities than others. Some have vaccinated a big chunk of their population while others are still struggling to make ends meet. This is expected to impact travel in days to come as the place you wish to visit might still be under the danger zone.
  • The pandemic has given greater impetus to the popularity of domestic tourism. Limitations on international flights and safety concerns have transformed domestic areas into tourist hotspots. Families are preferring travelling by car rather than availing themselves of rail or air transport. They are undertaking road trips to local destinations. Tourists are also opting for vacation rentals in the place of hotels as travellers can easily maintain the safety quotient in this way. Families who do not own a personal vehicle can rent a car for planning their next road trip. Numerous car rental agencies have sprung up all over the city offering lucrative deals and fully sanitized vehicles that can keep all hygiene-related worries at bay.
  • The travel industry is influenced to a great extent by various government policies. The government can boost up tourism to recover a chunk of its pandemic loss. We can expect countries around the globe to re-evaluate their tourism strategy for encouraging local holidays while keeping both the environment and the people safe.
  • Travellers are downloading health apps on their smartphones for storing vaccination certificates and other health-related documents which are compulsory for travelling to certain locations. If there is a brand-new apple iPhone you are thinking of buying, then make sure that it is compatible with the different health and safety applications. Keeping the vaccination certificates handy on your smartphone can save you from the trouble of having to carry physical documents while travelling.

Both destinations and traveling mediums have become more limited than before. Tourists are advised to research all covid protocols and travel guidelines before making the booking. They also need to stay flexible about the destination and dates as changes might be necessary at the last moment. If you have been browsing through phone deals for quite some time, then you need to get hold of your desired handset before planning a trip abroad. Other than helping you capture gorgeous frames; it can also help in your foreign travel through seamless payments at restaurants, hotels, etc using digital wallets. You are most likely to get public broadband in such venues. However, the authenticity of such connections cannot be trusted and it is best to have a working cellular connection at all times.

A Frequent Travellers Guide to Travel Insurance

Planning a holiday takes time and isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. You have to think about flights, transport to and from the airport, accommodation, activities, where to eat etc. The last thing you want on your mind is any unforeseen circumstances taking place such as delays, cancellations or lost luggage to name just a few. This is where a travel insurance policy can help, giving you the added protection and peace of mind, should you suffer a financial loss.

These days, cover is relatively affordable, as there are a number of companies offering these types of policies. This is why it’s even more important to compare various products to make sure you’re getting adequate protection. You can do this at Utility Saving Expert, a free online comparison site helping you compare leading industry providers in a matter of minutes. It’s quick and easy to compare the various features each policy offers and filter these deals by price. Our simple guide will give you a good understanding of travel insurance is and what you need to look out for.

So, what actually is travel insurance?

Simply put, travel insurance covers you against any losses that you may suffer should something unexpected occur whilst you are on holiday. This applies to UK and overseas travel. It aids you if your flight or accommodation is cancelled, your possessions have been lost or stolen, and is a must have if you injure yourself abroad.

What type of cover is available?

Each provider will offer its own policy types, although you can normally expect to choose from three different options, we have listed these below.

Single trip

As the name implies, this covers you for a single trip while you are travelling.

Annual multi-trip

The name has given it away again; this covers you for multiple holidays over a full 12-month period. You won’t have to purchase cover each time you travel.


This covers you for an extended period of time to multiple locations.

What will my policy cover?

This will depend on which insurer you choose, and the policy you select. Remember, it’s a good idea to carefully read the terms and conditions before buying so you know what is included, and what exclusions and limitations are applicable. Not every policy is the same, some may offer a basic level of cover, whilst others are far more comprehensive.

Generally speaking, most travel insurance policies will cover the following:

Your possessions

This includes your personal belongings, luggage, documentation and cash up to a specific amount, if it’s been lost by you or you’ve been a victim of theft.

Medical cover

Most insurers will normally provide cover for any emergency medical treatment, should it be required. However, it’s important to note that if you do not disclose any pre-existing health conditions when buying the policy, you may not be covered for this. This is why it’s important to provide accurate and honest information to ensure your claims do not get rejected.


You can claim back money if your holiday plans get disrupted for a number of different reasons. These include delayed or cancelled flights, missed transportation or cancelled accommodation.

Legal expenses

If you are involved in an accident that you were not at fault for, your legal fees may be covered. This can also apply to incidents that were your fault and you have to pay personal liability. The insurer will be able to cover these costs up to a certain limit.

Remember, don’t automatically assume that your travel insurance policy covers things that are considered to be common, even if you have a comprehensive policy. This is why we recommend reviewing the terms and conditions beforehand. Fortunately, some of these common things can be included as an optional extra for an additional fee. Examples include: outdoor sports activities, expensive personal belongings and labour induced injuries.

Travel insurance can vary in price and will be based on a number of different risk factors. This includes your age, where you’re travelling to, length of stay and any extra add-ons that you’ve purchased. For example, an individual in his/her 20s visiting Italy for the weekend may be expected to pay about six to seven pounds, while a retired couple on a journey across the world may have to pay 20 times more.

Annual travel insurance can benefit you if you’re planning to take multiple trips within a single 12-month period. It’s also recommended that you buy a travel insurance policy as soon as you’ve booked your next vacation. If you have to cancel the trip, you know that you will have sufficient cover in place. You can’t cancel the trip and buy cover after the fact.

Commonly accepted reasons why someone may cancel a trip include: becoming injured or too ill to travel, made redundant from work or you’re forced to cancel because of a bereavement.

In summary, travel insurance is relatively inexpensive and will be a must-have for anyone travelling in the UK or overseas. Cover provides a whole range of benefits and can give you peace of mind should the unexpected take place.

Fly To Portugal & Translate Languages For Portuguese Businesses

Did you know more and more people are flying to Portugal and translating languages for Portuguese businesses? You too can do this, but you’ll want to learn why you should do it. You’ll also want to know how to do it and what to expect.

How To Do It

There are two ways to go about it, with one being you can start your own translation business and generate business in Portugal. Another way to do it is by finding a company that specialises in connecting translators with businesses in Portugal that are looking for professional translators. There are pros and cons to both, but the easiest and fastest way to get started is by joining a translation company or a company that serves as a connection between businesses in Portugal and translators.

Why Translate For Portuguese Businesses

First, it gives you the chance to fly to Portugal. You’ll be able to explore the country, but you’ll also have fun translating for businesses. Generally speaking, translating for companies is a fun job, although it can be a little stressful at times.

Second, you can make good money. What you’ll earn depends on several factors. However, the chances are you’ll make good money.

Another reason to do it is because it is easy. If you know multiple languages, including Portuguese, then translating will be a breeze for you. Not only that, but translating for companies in Portugal is one of the most unique ways to earn a bit of money.

What To Expect

When you find companies that want to use you for translation purposes, you can expect to book a flight to Portugal and then settling in. Then you will meet with the businesses or work remotely to translate various stuff for them. This may include translating documents or translating between them and their customers or making phone calls on behalf of the businesses. These are only a few examples of what you can expect, but generally speaking the entire process of applying to be a translator to actually going to Portugal and working is straightforward.

As you can see, flying out to Portugal and translating languages for Portuguese businesses is worth pursing if you are looking for a way to make good money and to have fun doing it. It’s probably easier than you think to get started too. Go ahead and explore your options and then you can decide whether or not to try it.

Insider Secrets To Booking Cheap Airfare

Air travel is the most expensive ways to travel. There are good possibilities that the fare would not fit your budget. If you are spending too much on travel, you might have to compromise on other things during your vacations. If you are not able to find cheap flights, then there is no other choice but to pour in a lot of money on your travel. Understand the fact that if you are ready to pay, every airline out there will make the most of it. One of the interesting facts about air travel is that each passenger would have paid a different amount in the same flight. In this article, we will discuss insider secrets about booking cheap airfare.

As the aviation industry is growing and advancing more and more each year, the need for hearing protection for pilots is growing as well. This need is met by ANR pilot headsets that provide all the protection pilots need, with all the quality, clarity, and sound they need. I started flying the over the ear ANR type about two years ago and haven’t gone back. The sound quality is great, so I can hear the radio and ATC crystal clear. The Bose A20 is a great headset, but I like the David Clark H10-13.4 more. I can’t stress enough how good the job David Clark does on ANR headsets.  I’ve flown in all types of weather and conditions with these headsets, and they work great.

Book seven weeks in advance

It is said that passengers who book seven weeks in advance pay almost ten percent less than the average fare. So if you are able to book your tickets exactly fifty days before you can enjoy a lot of benefits in terms of travel expenditure. This data has been obtained after going through the details from the best travel agencies in the country. Many experts state the seven-week strategy is one of the proven ways to book cheap airfare.

The best time to buy tickets

If you are not able to find any discounts, then do not book the tickets just like that. A study from Farecompare.com has stated that the best time to buy the tickets is on Tuesday at 3:00 PM.  It is because it is the dull time of the day and hence there will be a lot of offers which we can capitalize on. At the same time, there are a lot of travel experts who say that it is just coincidence and it cannot work all the time.

Cheap day to fly

The cheap days to take a flight are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. If you are ever planning a trip try to make it within these days. It is because most of the people who take weekend trips will leave on Friday night and again come back on Sunday nights or Monday mornings. So Fridays and Sundays are the days when the fare will be very cheap.

Be an early bird


The flights that leave during the early morning are generally cheaper than the ones that leave after that. The reason is that most people do not prefer to take early morning flights. There are many reasons for that which includes the fear of missing the flight, not willing to travel with an empty stomach and so on.

Separately check for low-cost airlines

Since most air ticket booking happens, online people tend to believe in some sites blindly. The truth is that they show cheap airlines, but at times they do not show the cheapest airline. It is bad to expect to the sites to do every job. Hence it better that you check the airfare of every airline individually.

Sign up for free alerts

The majority of the ticket booking sites has the airfare alerting system. These systems either ping you or sends you a mail regarding the airfares. You can specify certain routes and subscribe for alerts. So you can book the tickets when you are comfortable with the airfare.

Build a relationship

If you are a constant flyer, it is better to use the credit cards with which you can avail a lot of discounts. By booking using certain credit cards, there will be a massive difference in your airfares. You can also enjoy other perks like free checked baggage, boarding priority, seat selection and a lot more.