Customer Comments

"A huge thank you to Tizi for making my 1 hour flight the most amazing experience ever in my life! I can now watch aerobatic displays and know that I looped the loop and did a barrel roll, much gentler of course."
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Bill Perrins

Bill Perrins served 19 years in the RAF during which time he flew tours on the Vulcan Bomber, Hawk and Jet Provost trainers and the Tornado F3 Fighter. He has over 12,000 hours flying and now works as a Training Captain on Boeing 747-400s with Virgin Atlantic Airways. Bill enjoys flying a variety of smaller aircraft in his spare time, having around 1000 hours in tailwheel aircraft. The Summer months see him having the privilege of displaying a Spitfire around the airshows.

Bill Perrins with the Rolls-Royce Spitfire